Be a part of the refugee- and integration process

Many have contacted Karlshamn’s municipality wondering what they can do to help the asylum-seekers in Karlshamn. Therefore we have compiled some suggestions for anyone eager to help out.

Family home
As a family home you will be taking care of a child or a young person in your own home, with support from the social services and a family home counsel. The children are generally 10-15 years old and most often boys. As a family home your main focus is to support and integrate the child into your family and into the Swedish society, as well as providing the child with stability and security. The accommodation can be short or long-termed. You need to be prepared to accommodate a child with short notice since there is currently a great need for family homes. A family home can consist of both single people and families.

As a family home you will be taking care of a child or a young person that has come to Sweden without parents, seeking asylum. The children might come from difficult circumstances or places. Personal suitability is of highest value and experience from similar tasks is qualifying, but not essential.

A family home is an assignment from the Social Commission and the assignment requires that you undergo a family home inquiry.  As a family home you are expected to cooperate with social services, legal guardians and any biological relatives. The family home will be compensated for the commission.

We are looking for family homes continuously, hence no last application date.  For more information or to file an application of interest, contact the family home department, vxl 0454-810 00 or 0454-817 00.

Any adolescents under the age of 18 without a legal guardian will have a trustee appointed them from the chief guardian of the municipality. The trustee is an important person and is treated by law as a legal guardian for the adolescent. This means that whomever is trustee will make decisions concerning the adolescent and the trustee will also have the utmost responsibility for the adolescent.

If you are interested in becoming a trustee, contact the chief guardian.

Specially appointed guardians
When an adolescent gets a permanent residence permit, the district court will, on request from the social services, appoint them a legal guardian. The trustee should then be replaced by a specially appointed guardian.

Compensation will be paid for both commissions. 

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