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The municipality is especially responsible for unaccompanied refugee children. Unaccompanied children are not placed in arrival accommodations, they are placed in special residential care homes for children and young persons, so called “HVB-homes”. The municipality is continuously opening new vacancies in HVB-homes.

All children that arrive in Sweden without a legal guardian will have their rudimentary needs provided for and be given a good start into the Swedish society.  We strive to take care of all the children in our own municipality, which requires that we find suitable facilities and recruit new personnel to the social services center. 

Asylum seeking children and minors are entitled education in elementary school or other equivalent types of school if their education is begun before their 18 birthday.

Karlshamn’s municipality offer newly arrived children between the ages of 3-5 years public pre-school. The students are offered education in one of the municipality’s school depending on the student’s age. The student is enrolled at a school and is assigned a class. The student receives intensive language training in a group together with other newly arrived pupils.

The municipality strives to place the student in a school close to their home but because of an increased demand, the municipality must first take into consideration where there is available spots. New students register at the Österslätt’s school. An available seat in one of the municipality’s schools is offered as soon as possible and by the latest within a month.

There is an ongoing recruitment process within the education administration due to the increasing demand on daycares and schools. 

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