To be able to properly communicate when in contact with a public authority is a basic democratic right. One whom does not master the Swedish language is entitled an interpreter when in contact with different public or social authorities.

The law states that it is an authority’s obligation to hire an interpreter when faced with someone with inadequate Swedish and when there is an interpreter available.

The authorities should also cover any expenses. This means that if a person with inadequate Swedish has a medical appointment, the health center is obliged to hire an interpreter.  

The interpreter office is here to quickly help you find an interpreter with the right competence for your needs. We have about 20 interpreters for our clients’ disposal that work with 18 different languages.

Professionality is required when working as an interpreter, both when it comes to language competence, attitude and approach towards the client. Therefore we place high demands on our interpreters.

The interpreter is taught special translation ethics and techniques, social and insurance translation but also medical translation.    

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