Validate your knowledge in English 5

To be validated

Today we have great possibilities to learn English through different ways; studying, playing games on the internet, reading novels, articles, manuals etc. , travelling and working abroad. Maybe you do not have the mark in English 5, which is required, but have used English in many ways and feel that you have the knowledge according to the core content of English 5. Compare your knowledge while reading the core content of English 5:


Contact a counsellor

If you think that you have knowledge according to the core content, contact one of our counsellors at Lärcenter, and tell them about your knowledge of English; studies, how you have used your English in different ways etc. They will contact and set up a meeting with an English teacher.

The first meeting with the English teacher

At your first meeting with an English teacher you will be tested on your reading and listening comprehension, to make sure that you have the required level of knowledge in English 5. If you pass the tests, you will prepare yourself for a validation.

Preparation for being validated

Prepare yourself for a validation by doing the following assignments:

  1. Answer the questions 1- 13 connected to the core content! See next page! (Here you will only be able to read the 5 first questions. Your teacher will hand-out the whole document after you have passed the reading and listening comprehension)
  2. Read the article and write a summary of it! Asses the reliability of it! Write three questions to discuss! Send the summary and the questions to the teacher before your meeting! The teacher will give you an article.
  3. Watch a film and prepare according to the questions! The teacher will tell you which film you are going to watch.

English 5 - ENGENG05

The course English 5 covers points 1-5 under the heading Aim of the subject.

Core content

Teaching in the course should cover the following core content:

Content of communication

  • Subject areas related to students' education, and societal and working life; current issues; events and processes; thoughts, opinions, ideas, experiences and feelings; relationships and ethical issues. What have you studied in your country? What profession do you have? Tell me about your working life!
  • Content and form in different kinds of fiction. Do you like reading novels, short stories, and poems? Which genre do you like? Tell me about a novel you have read!
  • Living conditions, attitudes, values and traditions, as well as social, political and cultural conditions in different contexts and parts of the world where English is used. The spread of English and its position in the world. Tell me about the living condition in your country! What do you know about the living conditions in English speaking countries? What do you know about the spread of English and its position in the world?


  • Spoken language, also with different social and dialect features, and texts that instruct, relate, summarise, explain, discuss, report and argue, also via film and other media. Tell me about the film you have chosen! What is your opinion of the film? Give arguments for your opinion! This content you will also test in a listening test!
  • Coherent spoken language and conversations of different kinds, such as interviews. This content you will also test in a listening comprehension.
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